How does Bioscience’s process work?

A complete building investigation is performed by certified professionals to identify any sources of water intrusion and mold growth.

An action plan is developed specific to the property.

Before treatment we prepare both the occupants and the property for the service. From client preparatory instructions, to removal of compromised materials, you will be informed every step of the way.

Controlled conditions are created and any source material from moisture intrusion is removed. Then a thorough sanitation of the interior property is performed and the TM-100 technology is atomized throughout the air space.

Post Remediation Verification
After completion of the service, samples are taken and analyzed by an independent, fully accredited laboratory.

How long is a typical remediation?

Typically, a complete remediation will take less than 3 days with minimal disruption to workflow or your personal life. The TM-100 product line has been proven to abate mold on porous surfaces so we can usually save wallboard, flooring, framing, furniture, and clothing that has not been compromised from a major water incident. A full assessment is needed to identify the scope and severity of contamination when determining project length.

What is needed to prepare for remediation service?

Often very little if anything is needed to prepare for the service. Preparatory instructions are given to the occupants during the strategy phase of our five-step process when necessary. Our trained professionals work to ensure the process is as noninvasive as possible and that your possessions and the home are protected during the remediation.

What is BioRemediation?

Bioremediation is any process that uses microorganisms or purified enzymes to remove contaminants and return the environment to its natural state.

Why BioRemediation vs traditional Biocides & Fungicides for mold removal?

Manufactured chemical products will kill mold.  However, this usually does not destroy the toxic metabolites produced by mold and often introduce their own chemical compounds into the environment, increasing the concentration of toxic properties even after the mold is killed.  Most products used in remediation are registered with the EPA under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide ACT (FIFRA).  Pesticides or biocides were created to kill.  Many of these products have high toxicity and poor efficacy on eliminating mycotoxins produced by mold. Bioremediation uses micros and purified enzymes that metabolize mold and degradate mycotoxins into harmless compounds. Bioremediation methods were developed cleaning up Petro chemical oil spills in soil and protecting our food from mycotoxin contamination in agriculture. It is a safer and more effective system for eliminating mold and returning the environment back to its natural state.

What are VOCs?

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are human-made and naturally occurring chemical compounds. VOCs can be toxic and have been shown to have long term health effects.

What is TM-100?

TM-100 is our proprietary blend of enzymes that are used to remediate mold growing on surfaces, eliminate VOCs and safely sanitize the air in our homes or work place. TM-100 is a natural, non-toxic formulation that is safe for people, pets, plants, clothing and furniture.

After 6 months of independent testing, TM-100 became the only product to receive the prestigious Mold-Help Seal of Approval. A volatile organic compound (VOC) test performed by OSHA showed the product to be safe during and after application.  The five enzymes used in the formulation are all on the FDA’s GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) list. These reports are available upon request.

Where do I get information on professional training or project consulting?

We offer these services through the American Mold & Moisture Association. Find out more here.

Where can I find help if I have been exposed to mycotoxins?

We advocate homeowners do their diligence when there are health concerns regarding mold sensitivity and exposure. Click here for more information from our trusted colleague: